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Partner With a Forward-Thinking Company

We offer you a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market by helping you to provide new opportunities and products to increase your revenue.

Take advantage of a long-term partnership with Argense.

Independent Sales Organization

We offer our ISOs the flexibility to build and grow their businesses. We provide marketing tools, resources and support to sell our payment solutions within your market and the partner support structure to help make your business successful.

Independent Sales Agency

Our ISA program provides you with the options and flexibility needed to drive your earnings by adding value through our services and technology. Partner with Argense and you will experience our commitment to your success.

Authorized Agents

We support our agents with a full partner support team that works directly with the sales agent to help maximize new acquisitions and retention. We’re invested in your success and you can always count on us to be there when needed.

Integrated Software Vendor

Argense’s exceptional products and processing capabilities fulfill the requirements for any omni-channel purchase, including any combination of mobile, online or traditional point of sale.

Referral Partner

Whether you own a business, or simply have the means to refer potential clients, we have a profitable opportunity for you. Let us provide our payment solutions to your referrals and get paid. We handle all the heavy lifting.

Associations & Organizations

Argense focuses on collaborative, customized solutions that streamline payment processing and improve back-office and marketing operations. We also provide association members with exclusive offers and programs that are available exclusively through our partnership with the association.


Franchises can benefit from reduced rates for credit card and debit card processing, gift & loyalty card programs, implement stand-alone or network terminal solutions, and accept payments via point of sale, Internet, or mobile.

Integrated Partners

Grow a valuable merchant account portfolio within your institution or outsource the liability, overhead and dedicated support staff to us and benefit from a generous revenue sharing partnership.


A Wide Variety Of Solutions

Partnering with us adds value, strengthens your relationships with merchants and expands your business.

Complete Merchant Support

Dedicated Account Managers and our 24/7 Help-Desk is available and dedicated to providing top-notch service and support to all merchants.

No Liability or Risk

We assume all of the risk on each merchant account we provide.

Lifetime Residuals

All residuals are paid on time monthly for the life of all accounts

Marketing Materials & Tools

We provide all high quality and highly informative marketing materials and sales tools. We will even work with you to create custom marketing materials as needed for different opportunities.

Automated Application & Boarding

Benefit from our quick and automated underwriting process. Low risk, straight-forward accounts are approved quickly by our experienced underwriting team.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

You have a single point of contact for all your sales, business or technical needs. Our Relationship Managers are dedicated to helping you build and succeed.

Sales Training & Closing Support

We provide full training and sales support to all partners. We are even here to help close and willing to provide what is necessary for different opportunities.

No Long Term Contracts

We choose to let our service be the reason you stay.

Portfolio & Sales Channel Management

Our marketing techniques and sales strategies are proven to help you build and keep attrition low.

True Revenue Splits

All commissions and residuals are based and calculated on true net revenue.

Gift & Loyalty Program

Provide more options to your customers by providing them with a flexible gift and loyalty program.

Residual Advance & Buyout Programs

Lucrative residual buy-out programs and residual short-term advance programs are available to all partners.

Operational Support

Relationship Managers and our Partner Support Team are here to manage all requests, whether technical or operational.

Agent Sales & Reporting Portal

Our online portal provides real-time access to all sales data such as prospects, application status and reports.

Partner Development Support

Our Partner Development Team is always available to keep you updated, informed and to support you in all ways.

PCI Compliance and Data Security

We meet and surpass all requirements as a Level 1 Service Provider.

Same Day Approvals

With our streamlined process, low risk accounts can be approved same day. Whether they are POS, mobile or e-commerce accounts.

Leading Hardware & Payment Solutions

We are always innovating and work tirelessly to continue to provide cutting edge hardware and payment solutions to our partners and merchants.

Free Terminal Program

We provide a free terminal to all qualified merchants.

PCI Compliance and Data Security

We meet and surpass all requirements as a Level 1 Service Provider.

Fast Processing

We continue to work diligently on improving our systems to provide and even faster service to merchants.

Multi-Currency Processing

Price products and accept foreign currencies. Your members will have access to shoppers from all over the globe. It will make a world of difference to their bottom line.

Pre-Qualified Leads & Appointment Setting

We can provide pre-qualified leads and appointment setting to put you in front of top prospects and build your portfolio.

Bonuses & Promotions

Earn even more with our generous monthly bonuses and sales promotions.

The Best Competitive Advantages For Our Partners

We value our Partners, which is why we offer the best terms and benefits in the business. When considering which company to partner with, remember that we have the ability to offer competitive advantages to our Partners by providing new opportunities and products to increase your revenue.


We are fully committed to supporting our partners on every level and will guide you through every step of the process. From the large ISO partnership to the individual Authorized Agent, we treat all partners with the outmost respect and provides the necessary tools and solutions in order to have a leading edge in a competitive and growing market.

To learn more about our Lucrative and Flexible Partner Programs

Point-of-Sale Terminals

Affordable, Powerful, reliable and ergonomic

High speed internet or dial up connection

Wireless POS Hardware

Perfect for restaurants or taxi companies

Cellular or Bluetooth connectivity

E-commerce Solutions

Virtual terminal for card not present transactions

Direct API integration for e-commerce websites

Mobile Payments

Swipe credit cards anytime, anywhere

For iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry

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